Pywiack Savory Krackers

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Pywiack Krackers are made from all-natural ingredients. PK Savorys are gluten-free, vegetarian, non-GMO, and very low carb. PKs are an excellent part of a vegetarian, diabetic, LCHF or Ketogenic eating plan. 3 oz bag, 3 servings per bag.


Pks are a change from the ordinary. Delicious, nutritious, and made with all-natural ingredients. Gluten free and very low in carbohydrates.

PKs, a great basecamp Kracker. Whatever your adventure, bring along your favorite flavor from the Bridgeport Kitchen.

PKs go great with spreads, salami, cheese, dips, guacamole, and anything else you can pile on this sturdy snacker.

You Only Live Once: Make life complete with your daily dose of PKs!

Serving size: 1 oz, calories 122, fat 9.6 g, saturated fat 1.5 g, cholesterol 40 mg, sodium 252 mg, total carbohydrate 5 g, dietary fiber 4 g, net carbs 2 g, total sugars <1 g.

Only 4 ingredients and organic seasonings – almonds, flax seeds, chia seeds, parmesan cheese

11 reviews for Pywiack Savory Krackers

  1. Kelly Hawtrey

    I received a sample of your PK’s in my packet for the 2017 June Lake Triathlon. WOW, what an amazing cracker. I had no idea even what it was, never heard of you or them and just tossed it aside. Well Sunday morning sipping my coffee and recovering from the race I saw the package and decided to check it our. YUM YUM YUM is all I can say. These are awesome. Now I need to find where I can get a few bags. I can see having these with cheese and they’d travel great on hikes or backpacking too. What a great product! Thank you for supporting the JLT and turning us all onto your PK’s!!

    • admin

      Hello Kelly,

      Thanks for the kind words, and we are pleased that you enjoyed our product. We sell them online at, at the High Sierra Bakery in Bridgeport, at Mono Market and the Tioga Gas Mart in Lee Vining, and at Sierra Sundance Whole Foods in Mammoth. Thanks for coming down for the tri!

  2. Kelly Hawtrey

    Love these crackers!

  3. Dani

    These are yummy, delicious crackers! I tried a bag from the bakery and this is now my “go to” cracker and snack. I’m telling others about it and I even suggested the crackers to the local candy store. Thank you for taking time to make such tasty and healthy crackers and sharing with others.

  4. Cheyenne

    Received in my October Keto Krate. I’m in love. Out done flackers and Julian bakery primal thins. Thank you for your wonderful product

  5. JessicaStandafer

    Sooo good! Got to try your Krackers from Keto Krate this month. One of the best items in my opinion!

  6. Sabrina Thompson

    I received these in my Keto Krate this month and found them to be super delicious. I ordered all 4 different flavors excited to try them all!!

  7. Mary Harvey

    I bought these Krackers at Manor Market in Bishop for backpacking. Loved them!! If I had one food item to be stranded with on a island this would be my choice! Happy they can be shipped to me in Florida.

  8. Marcia Howard

    We camp every year new Bridgeport, CA and one of our favorite things to do is buy tons of pastries/haystacks from the High Sierra Bakery. Well, this year I am doing keto and having success so I am sticking with it, even on a camping trip. Family still wanted their pastries and I was worried I’d have nothing to eat, well, low and behold I saw this stand of Pywiack Krackers. At first I assumed I couldn’t have those either, then I took a closer look at the Nutrition Facts…I was so excited, 2 net carbs! I got the Alpine Asiago and I just love these crackers. I lost 3 pounds on that 4 night camping trip.

  9. Cynthia Casey

    Love these crackers. Happened to be in Lee Vining and saw them. I’m prediabetic and eating low carb. What a great find! The parmesan ones taste like pizza. thanks!

  10. Samantha Clement

    I found these little gems at the Tioga Pass Gas Mart, and I can’t stop thinking about them! I doubt they are anywhere to be found in my area, but it’s worth a try! Any distributors in the Joshua Tree, CA area?

  11. Shawna

    I bought a bag of these awesome crackers at the Genoa Candy dance this past weekend. Love them. I have been off sugars for 2 years and these fit right into my way of eating. Wish there was a place locally to buy them….like Trader Joes. I live in Minden Nevada. Any places close by that sells these…like within a 20 mile radius?

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