As full time residents of the Eastern Sierra, we live a life of adventure. Skiing, biking, climbing, and all activities out of doors.  Living what we felt was a "healthy" lifestyle.

After an eye-opening doctors appointment and the doctor's recommendation of a low carb, high fat diet, and a coincidental article in Outside Magazine, our diet and lifestyle changed almost over night.

In this new diet of low carb/high fat foods, a key component that was lacking was a quality snack.  After searching the markets, specialty stores and on-line, we discovered our options were very limited.

So, we decided to try to create our own perfect snack cracker. After trial and error, we created a cracker that has now become our favorite.  Pywiack Krackers (PKs).

PKs, we thought, were the perfect snack for adventure , work, or any snack time.  This cracker was shared with friends, associates, and co-workers , and they became an immediate hit, and  we knew we were onto something.

With only 4 ingredients and organic seasoning , these hearty , savory crackers fill many different special dietary and adventure snack needs.   Low in carbs , high in fat, gluten free, with a low glycemic index, these crackers are perfect for vegetarians, diabetics, and those on a paleo or ketogenic diet.

For all the reasons above, we would like to introduce you to Pywiack Krackers.  Whatever your reason is for trying PKs, we hope you discover that you enjoy them as much as we do.


Barry and Dori